Angle Mezuzah fits scroll size 8 cm

Angle Mezuzah fits scroll size 8 cm

This outstanding Mezuzah case is designed in a modern and unusual style, the angular cut creates a different and unique look, revealing the elegant letter Shin on the top. Fits for inside doors. Fast connection to the doorpost with double sided mounting tape. Design and production, all made in Israel. Mezuzah scroll in not included and may be purchased in addition, if needed.


  • Perfect mezuzah complement

    A kosher mezuzah parchment. Meticulously inspected. The parchment is inscribed with two paragraphs in the traditional Hebrew script – Shema Yisrael and Vehaya Im Shamo’a. The mezuzah’s role is to bring blessings and good fortune to the home or business where it is placed.

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