Terms of Use Adi Sidler Site:

Welcome to Adi Sidler Ltd. By using the website, you agree to accept the following conditions:

Information and personal information

1. Purchase of products on the website requires filling out a form that includes a name, full address, e-mail, telephone number and filling out a payment form that includes the customer’s credit card details and additional details as required.

2. Entering inaccurate details allows the company to immediately cancel the sales order.

3. The Company reserves the exclusive right to prevent customers from using the Site for any reason, even if the customers have used the Website in the past, including the following:

Performing an act or omission that may cause damage to the Company’s website and / or to any third parties, including customers and suppliers of the Company.

Use of the site’s services to perform an illegal act under the laws of the State of Israel or to facilitate, facilitate or assist in the execution of such an act;

Violation of these terms or conditions of any other online service offered by the Company.

A financial debt to the Company or to entities related thereto;


All ordered products shall be delivered to the registered address as it appears on the virtual form provided by the customer or to any other address by written agreement between the parties in writing.

2. Since the Company does not maintain a large inventory of products, and the products are partly handmade on demand, the customer acknowledges that the Company cannot guarantee the delivery of an order and a delivery schedule cannot be guaranteed. Customer waives any claim regarding delivery time.

3. However, the Company will attempt to supply the products within 12 working days after receipt of payment confirmation from the customer’s credit card company, when the product (s) will be supplied by registered mail, and 5 working days when the product /

4. You can choose between receiving the product by registered mail or registered mail express.

Shipping rates:

At this stage shipments are only within Israel.

  • Shopping basket for up to 1,200 NIS: Registered mail 15 NIS / Express mail 40 NIS

The Company shall not be responsible for any delay or delay in delivery caused by the shipping company.

Price policy

  • The prices of products on the site, the terms of supply, the shipping prices, the number of payments and any other data are being decided on by Adi Sidler Ltd. only and might be changed at any time, without prior notice.
  • Any promotion that appear on the site may change at any time, without the need for prior notice.

Intellectual Property

1. The Company’s intellectual property rights include all content from time to time on this Site including, but not limited to, website design, product design, packaging design, product trademarks, trade names, product characteristics, commercial design and copyright Today or in the future the company site, or another site of the company.

2. You may not copy, modify, disassemble, assemble in the opposite way, or make any change or modification of the Company’s intellectual property rights, the contents of the Company’s website and the products appearing therein.


1. Adi Sidler Ltd. shall not be liable for any inconsistency, deception or error included in any information found on the Company’s website. The Company does not guarantee that the products offered for sale will suit your needs and requirements. The customer is responsible for checking the suitability of the products to his needs.

2. Adi Sidler Ltd. makes every effort to maintain the proper functioning of the Company’s website. However, it is clarified that malfunctions may occur in the service and operation of the site, including faults of lines, hardware, software or communications.

3. Please note that since there are products that are sold on the company’s site partially by hand, the company cannot guarantee that the product will be exactly as it appears in the image on the site, including but not limited to the shape, color, size and design of the product. The Company reserves the right to deviate up to 15% of the data on the Site.

Liability for consequential or secondary damages.

1. In no event shall the Company be liable to Customer whether contractual, tort or otherwise for any amount greater than the total payment paid by Customer for the Product.

2. The Company does not provide warranty for products ordered by the customer but not received for any reason, including but not limited to technical problems and / or human error.

3. The Company is not directly or indirectly responsible for bodily injury or physical or material damage caused by a product purchased from the Company. Customer may not claim or claim any damage caused as a result of using the Product purchased on the Company’s website.

General Policy of the Web side

1. Adi Sidler Ltd. may change from time to time the terms and conditions presented above without notice. The new terms will be published and will take effect from the moment of publication.

2. Adi Sidler Ltd. can change the site structure from time to time including the service provided and its appearance, without prior notice. Such changes may involve malfunctions or inconvenience, etc. The customer will have no claim, claim or demand against the Company regarding such changes or failures.

3. In the event of a typographical error, a typographical error, an error in the description of the product and / or its price, the payment terms, the product picture or any other information, including receipt of your details, Adi Sidler Ltd. may cancel a transaction.

Return policy

1. The customer is entitled to return a product purchased through the site, within 14 days of receiving the product.

2. The cancellation policy described above will only apply to products purchased on the WebSite. The Company shall not handle the return of products purchased through another source.

3. The returned product must be intact and in its original condition, within the package in which it is packaged, including the original labels and the invoice.

4. The right of return as aforesaid shall not apply to:

  • Products installed at the customer’s home
  • Products manufactured specifically for the customer according to special dimensions
  • In order to clarify, in any case of cancellation of the order, by the customer, and / or return of products (not including return of defective products and / or shipping error caused by the company), the customer will be obliged to pay for all expenses and charges including packing costs, Shipping and insurance fees for product delivery and return costs. Only upon receipt of the return product will the company win the sales price, minus 5% or 100 NIS (whichever is lower) as cancellation fees.
  • In any case, the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage during the delivery of the product
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